A few things


We had to put in some overtime due to all the recent orders and I'm happy to say that all current orders have been shipped out. Thanks everyone for your support, we really appreciate it!

Some people may have noticed that a few of the games now have short videos below their descriptions. The plan is to have a video for every game eventually so that our customers can have an idea of what a game looks like before buying. We've been doing these videos when we have a few minutes of spare time, it's a slow process but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

We've got a bunch more games to put up as well. We'll get them up soon now that we've cleared out all the orders. Some good stuff is in there I promise.

There's also something big coming soon. A long awaited announcement will happen in the next couple weeks. Suffice it to say that we just dumped a ton of cash into some new developments...let's hope it recoups the cost!

Last thing, the Cowlitz Gamers For Kids show is coming up next month. We dumped Spot Goes To Hollywood on the 32X recently and a limited number of carts will be available at the show. This is a previously undumped 32X game and the rom isn't available publicly yet. Proceeds from the carts will go to the Children's Justice and Advocacy Center. Stop on by the show if you're in the area!



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