Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2015

We'll be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo on October 17th and 18th so if you're attending the show stop by and say hi! This year we're doing things a little different from what we've done in the past. Previously we've primarily brought out our most popular games. To keep things fresh this year we're bringing a bunch of games that we haven't offered on the site before in addition to the classics. 

We'll also have a few small surprises, one of which being an all new selection of art prints. These are super high quality prints which come complete with frames. We've gone the extra mile and used specialty papers to really make the images pop. I think you'll be surprised at how great these look. 

Most important, and the main reason for this post, is that we have two new Atari 2600 games available. To celebrate PRGE's 10th anniversary we teamed up with the organizers of the show and asked them what they wanted to see in a new Atari game. They came up with 2 concepts that we all really liked and so we designed and programmed them. We've made a cardboard box in the same style as the classic silver 2600 boxes to go with PRGE X and have used the universal game cases for PRGE Smash Hit!!! Both games also have a full color manual. These boxed editions are numbered and only 25 of each one will be made. 

PRGE Smash Hit!!! is a breakout on speed with a couple new features that completely change the way the game is played. First we added a Super Ball which enlarges the ball and adds a score multiplier. The next big feature is the combo system. Each block you hit is worth more than the last until the paddle is hit again. Smash Hits will continuously combo a block and send the score skyrocketing! 

PRGE X is our first 2 player only game. The game is all about racing to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, avoiding cops, and racing your friend to get the good deals at the show. We've incorporated some features of the show such as early admission and hard to find deals. PRGE X also features a dual vertical scrolling playfield...a first on the 2600!

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