Cowlitz Gamers For Kids charity cart auction


As some of our local customers know we have a tradition of making special games that are available only at local retro gaming conventions. This year we offered a version of "The Guardian Legend: Secret Edition" at the Cowlitz Gamers for Kids 2013 show. This version of the game has had the title screen altered to show the CJAC (Children's Justice Advocacy Center) logo and the number of the cartridge (limited to 30 total). The ending of the game has also been changed as well.

The games sold out at the show very quickly. We did however offer two of them to CJAC who will be auctioning them. 100% of the money from these auctions will go to CJAC. These two copies also happen to be the only ones that were autographed by the programmer of the game.


One of them is up for auction on Nintendoage here. Don't miss your chance to own this extremely limited game while helping out an awesome charity! 

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