We're back finally!

Well our short vacation wasn't as relaxing as we had hoped. While driving back home one of the wheels popped off of our van and destroyed it. We were stranded in Ritzville, WA for 2 and a half days while we figured out how to get home.

Here's a picture of where we were stuck pasted next to a pic of Silent Hill. It's a little creepy.

The important part though is that while the van self destructed on the freeway luckily no one was hurt and we did finally get home. We did receive a few orders while we were gone and will be putting them together in the morning.

There's more news as well! Regarding payments we have added a merchant account through Stripe. It allows us to process credit and debit card payments just like every other site on the internet. Of course we don't see any of your details or card numbers and it offers the same security features as the most commonly used processors.

It's been a long time coming and Stripe looks like an excellent solution. We had tried other processors but weren't 100% happy with them and didn't want to settle for something that didn't fit all of our (and our customers) requirements. We've spent a ton of money trying other processors (most require application fees) only to find that Stripe was the easiest and cleanest solution. Let's all hope that it works out!

Of course PayPal remains an option for those who prefer it. Google Checkout will be going away soon and we plan to keep it as an option until November 1st with Google retiring the service completely later that month. I'm a little sad to see checkout being retired, I personally preferred it over paypal.


More soon.




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