The state of NES.

It's no secret that NES stuff is getting harder to find for everyone. Our stock of donor carts is dwindling, whereas we used to keep 150+ in stock we're now down to around 25 and have been having trouble getting more. We haven't raised our prices, but the cost of donors has doubled (or more).

We do have a plan though, and it won't include raising our prices. We plan to offer a trade in program where you can trade in certain carts that we can use for donors for cash or credit. By doing this we should be able to keep costs low and avoid raising prices. We'll add a trade in section to the site with more info when it's ready to go.

The price of memory chips has also gone up as they become scarcer. We're planning on eating the cost unless it goes crazy and doubles or something. 

I like to be as transparent as possible about everything we do and the methodology behind it. If there are any major changes I'll be sure to post about them.

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