Portland Retro Gaming Expo and other goings on.

It's almost that time of year again, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo is approaching fast! We've been prepping a ton of games to bring to the show this year, including a bunch that aren't on the site yet. The big news is that we'll have 30 Polybius carts on the Atari 2600 available at the show with an exclusive label and instruction/history card. We expect these to sell out extremely fast as we've gotten a lot of interest in it already. The local Willamette Week paper also did an interview with us earlier this week about Polybius. It'll be published in next week's edition so pick up a paper if you're in the area.

We've just about exhausted our supply of chips in building games for the show. It looks like we have enough to fill all the outstanding orders, but there may be a delay for orders placed hereafter. We'll email any customers who will be affected by this. New chips will be coming about a week after the retro gaming expo.

This is the big show for the year and we're excited to be a part of it. Preparation for the show is always a tough, hectic time for us since unlike most vendors there we have to build all of our product. I'm personally looking forward to taking a day or two off after show.

One last thing. We'll have a one off special edition package for Polybius in the auction at PRGE. It's going to be completely insane and the only one of it's kind. We've put a ton of custom items in the package and it's going to be really hard for us to top it in the future.

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