Polybius Agent Edition

As mentioned in the last blog post we're doing a one off Agent Edition for Polybius to be auctioned off at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Here are some pictures plus a description of the contents.

-Working Polybius proto mock up cart
-Locking handcuffs with key
-Cyanide Capsule (may not really be poison)
-Agent Sunglasses
-Field Tape Recorder with mini cassette
-Polybius instruction/history card
-Agent Letter
-Classified government compact disc with 14 mins of top secret recordings
-Agent's Field notebook with handwritten pages of Agent's observations of players who played the game.
-3 Pens
-Locking briefcase with foam cut for the cart (combination 0-0-0 0-0-0 can be set by the auction winner to whatever they wish)
There's just one of these in existence so if you're interested in it be sure to get your bid in at the auction!

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