New stuff!

First thanks to everyone who preordered Polybius! We know that you're excited to receive your games and we're working hard on getting them to you. We're through the manufacturing process and will be shipping them all out this week. We've also received a larger amount of orders than usual in the past week or so and we're doing everything we can to get those orders taken care of. Thanks for all your support everyone, it means a lot to us!

Second, we'll be putting up a bunch of new games when we clear our current backlog. Some really great games are in store including some very well done fan hacks.

Third, and most exciting is that we'll be holding a raffle soon for something that we've never offered before. All I can say right now is that it's in a brand new product category and it's easily the coolest thing we've ever offered. This is mostly for our local customers as the item is very large...think big!


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