Dragon Quest 5 now in stock!

Dragon Quest SNES translation

  After many requests, we're happy to announce that we now have Dragon Quest 5 on the SNES available! While the game has been re-released on a couple systems there's nothing like playing it on original hardware the way it was envisioned all those years ago. Featuring an excellent English translation, Dragon Quest 5 is a must play for any fan of SNES RPGs.

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Charity raffle for Starfox 2

charity child's play starfox 2

Every year Child's Play donates games and toys to children's hospitals. It's a great charity that I feel deserves a ton of support for what they're doing. Cheap Ass Gamer is having their annual raffle with all proceeds going to Child's Play. We're happy to announce that one of the raffle prizes this year is our reproduction of Star Fox 2!

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Doom on the Atari 2600

  The image was from Doom on the Atari 2600. We will be making an extremely limited numbered run of carts soon. Only 20 will be made!

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What could this be?

  What game is this image from? Hint: it's something new...and old. You can find out at the Cowlitz Gamers meet on Sunday. We'll have one playable copy on display. Check out http://cowlitzgamers.com/ for more info! And no, we won't reveal what game this is until the meet....it's a surprise.

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We're open! Welcome!

 It's been a long time coming and I'm happy to announce that the site is finally open!. Now when someone asks "Do you have a website?" I can finally give an acceptable answer!

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