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The urban legend comes true! Polybius has a long and storied history. The game was said to have induced madness in players when it arrived in an arcade in Oregon in 1981. People reported seeing FBI agents around the game while players lined up to take a shot at the mysterious machine. Was it a government plot? Was it a hoax? Who knows!

The gameplay is similar to Tempest and features psychoactive elements for the player to discover. A fast and frantic game, Polybius lives on!

This cartridge was initially programmed and produced by Lost Classics for the 2013 Portland Retro Gaming Expo in a limited run of 30 hand numbered copies. We've decided to do one last small run of the game with a label variation to differentiate from the original run.

These carts will be numbered in the order that the pre-orders are received. 

Note: This game uses the paddle controller.

Polybius on Wikipedia

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