About Us


As a player and collector, I'm always looking for uncommon games to try out. Prototypes and translations had always interested me and thanks to the internet I was able to start playing some of these games that I had always heard about but were never produced. Sweet Home immediately grabbed me when I played it and I wanted to play it on real hardware.

I planned on making one cart for myself and that was it. Then friends started asking for reproductions. Then their friends did and so on and so forth. I started making other games I liked personally and it snowballed from there. 

As a collector I wanted something that I could put along with my other games that would blend in and look just like a real product.  I didn't want something that was stamped with a reproduction label or anything of the sort. I set out to make things look as authentic as possible. More and more people started asking for reproductions and I had to get someone to help keep up with the demand. A friend recommended someone and together we have formed Lost Classics.


We try and make things look as close to a period accurate produced product as possible. You won't find stamps or colored cases or other identifying reproduction marks on our carts. The one identifying mark is that every NES cart has "NES-YC-USA" as it's code. If you see a cart with that code, that's one of ours. We feel that this is an excellent way to not only keep an id on our carts butto keep it looking authentic.

When we make a cartridge we put in a brand new battery (if applicable) and a holder so that our customers can simply swap out the battery without soldering should it go dead in the future. It costs us a little extra in time and money but it's worth it to us. We also use the cleanest cartridge plastics we can find. We don't like rental stickers on the games in our collection and know that our customers want a product that looks the best it can.

We strive to have a quick turnaround time. We know that when you pay for something, you want it ASAP. To help achieve this we keep a stock of donor boards and eproms on hand so that we can make your cart and send it out quickly. We ship with usps flat rate priority boxes so shipping is quick and will arrive undamaged.

We are game players and collectors. We make reproductions of games that we either like, have some sort of cultural significance, or show of something different. Spreading our love of obscure games it what keeps us going. 

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have helped us along the way. We couldn't do it without you!