NES Top Loader AV Mod Installation

NES Top Loader AV Mod Installation

Skill Level: Beginner/intermediate. Can use a soldering iron and solder to medium sized points. Can remove through hole components easily.

Tools Needed

4.5mm game bit

Philips screwdriver

Pliers (needle nose preferable)

Soldering Iron


Drill with bits (1/16th in.( or close) and 1/4 in. bits)

Exacto knife or similar tool

Optional: Stepper drill bits, angled wire cutters or desoldering gun.


Step 1: Turn the system over and remove the four screws with your 4.5mm game bit.

Screw Locations

Step 2: Remove the screws attaching the flashing and motherboard to the case.


PART 2: Preparing the motherboard

Step 1: Locate and remove component R3 as circled in the picture below. If you have angled clippers you can simply cut the part off, and if you have a desoldering gun then you already know what to do. If you just have a soldering iron, heat up the solder points and use a small screwdriver to pry the part out of the board or use pliers to pull it one solder point at a time. 

Step 2: Use an exacto knife or similar tool to cut the small trace running underneath the resistor that you just removed.


PART 3: Installing the mod board

Step 1: Solder the short black (ground) wire to a convenient ground point. We recommend using the spot indicated in the picture below.

Step 2: Solder the Red (VCC/Power) wire, the short White (AUDIN) wire, and the Green (RF) wire to the points indicated below.

power RF Aud

Step 3: Finally solder the Purple (VID) wire to the point indicated below.


PART 4: Installing the AV Jacks

Step 1: Stick the included RCA jack template sticker to the back of your console. Try to get it as close as possible to where the jacks are in the picture so that the av jacks will not interfere with the heat sink on the motherboard when you reinstall the motherboard into the case.


Step 2Use your small drill bit to drill through the center of each circle. Once that is finished use the 1/4 in. bit to drill out the center of each circle. Remove the sticker.

Step 3: Install the jacks. Unscrew the nut, spring washer and ground loop from the jacks, and put the jacks through the holes (standard is yellow first, then white, then red). Then install the remaining parts for each jack in the following order, spring washer, then ground loop, then nut. Tighten the nuts while ensuring that the solder cup part of each jack is facing up (so that it will be easy to fill with solder) and that each ground loop is pointing towards you so that they will be easy to solder to.

Step 4: Solder the COMP (yellow) wire from the AV mod board to the solder cup on the yellow jack. Solder the AUDL  and AUDR (white wires) to the solder cup of the white and red RCA jacks, one wire per jack. Solder the remaining GND (black) wires, one each, to each of the ground loops.


Peel off the backing from the adhesive pad on the mod board and stick the board to the bottom flashing between the motherboard and the flashing. Put the flashing in the bottom shell of the system followed by the motherboard and the top flashing. Screw the parts together using the screws you removed earlier. Assemble the top half of the case. We find it easiest to line up the back with the rca jacks and slightly pivot the case so it all fits together. Make sure that the power switch is lined up correctly with the switch on the motherboard. Screw the case together using the 4 4.5mm game bit screws.